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This web site is a personal record of some of my caving adventures during the 1960s and recounts some of my favourite walks both in Britain and overseas.
I became very interested in Caving when I was a teenager and began potholing at the age of fifteen. Bradford where I was born and raised is very handy for visiting the Yorkshire Dales, an area more abundant with caves than any other area of Britain.
I did not see it as unusual to want to descend the many caves and potholes so close at hand. I joined the Bradford Pothole Club in 1957 and during the next two years I attended many underground meets with the Club and I grew to love the sport of caving. I now spend my days outdoors fellwalking or rambling.

Walk a Mile With Mick

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Penyghent Pot 1965
A Ten Hour laddering Trip

For a long time John Motley and I had been planning a trip down Penyghent Pot and we decided to see if we had the support of the other lads in the club. A notice placed in the Club Room collected twenty signatures. The next thing to do was to decide on a date and obtain permission from the landowner to descend. The date fixed was 12th January 1964, because we hoped the ground would...

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The Ronald Brown Pathway
Stražišće peak from Cavtat Croatia

The Dalmatian coast of Croatia is once again becoming a popular destination for British tourists including many walking parties. I visited the area in May this year (2013) staying in the resort of Cavtat with my wife Carole. I had difficulty finding any decent walking maps or walk routes. I hope that the short article that I have written...

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A Cave Dive With Bill Frakes
Langstroth Cave November 7th 1965

This was my first cave dive using breathing apparatus and as far as I am aware, this dive was also the first cave dive made by Bill using diving apparatus. Twelve months earlier Bill had passed the short sump in Elbolton Cave by free diving and he had free-dived a short sump in Rumbling Hole (Leck Fell) He had also been...

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Walks to Aircraft Wrecks

Mick Melvin July 20, 2010

Crash Site NGR: SK174967 Consul TF-RPM

Derwent Reservoir to Crow Stone Edge Circular

The walk starts near to the head of Howden Reservoir, at the turning circle on the west side (NGR 167939). Begin by going through the gate...

Crash Site NGR: SK067983 Wellington R1011

Torside visitors Centre Bleaklow Circular

Park your car at the Visitors Centre and go through the gates and up the hill to the disused Railway track which is now the Longdendale...

Crash Site NGR: SK045948 Circular 9 Miles

Old Glossop to Higher Shelf Stones Circular

This walk which is mostly over rough moorland will take you to three aircraft wrecks, including possibly the most well known and visited wreck in the Dark Peak area...